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Valentine ILU FinishWhat a cute little picture.  It is so simple, but says it all.  Wouldn’t your loved ones be surprised to find this picture on their desk on Valentine’s Day.  Why not surprise someone with it.


This is one of those last minute crafts that take less than an hour and about $5 to make, but your loved ones will remember it forever.  This would also make a great addition to your Valentine’s Day table.  




1 Picture Frame – I bought this one at Michaels for $1.

White and Red cardstock

Red marker or stamps and red paint or ink pad

Red hearts – These can be paper, drawn, stickers or stamps.  I used a heart punch.

Bow – Any small red ribbon or twine will do

Craft Glue



  1.  Cut a piece of red card stock for the background and insert into picture frame.  
  2.  Cut 3 white hearts.  I used a heart punch, but you can cut them out with a scissor.  
  3.  Draw, stamp, stencil I Heart U on each heart. 
  4.  Fold the hearts in half and glue them together, overlapping the first and second heart  at the tip.
  5.  Glue the hearts onto the red card stock at the fold.
  6.  Using a punch, stencil, stamp or sticker, put three hearts at the bottom right edge of  the frame.
  7.  With the ribbon, make a bow and glue it to the top left corner of the frame.

Valentine ILU Finish


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