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There is such a wide array of seafood that even the pickiest eater can find something they like.  There are the die-hard seafood eaters that eat anything from bold bluefish to a very mild flounder and everything in between.  For someone like myself, I prefer a mild fish like flounder or haddock and shrimp or crabs.  

The great thing about seafood is that it can be prepared in so many different ways. For example Shrimp.   Shrimp can be boiled or roasted and eaten with cocktail sauce.  It can also be mixed with mayonnaise and eaten on a sandwich. Make it Scampi style with garlic and butter or with angel hair pasta for a dish that is amazing.  Throw a shrimp on the barbecue  marinated in garlic, oil and lemon or pesto sauce and you will want this every time you fire up the grill. Broiling shrimp with seasoned bread crumbs or with coconut flakes is a family favorite around my house.  Shrimp is also great in pasta sauce, soups and in stuffing.  I never get tired of eating shrimp.  It is my all time favorite seafood.

Seafood fillets are also very versatile.  You can bake, fry, saute or grill them.  You can stuff them and roll them up. You can also put them in salads and is pasta sauce.  I love fish fillets.  My favorite is salmon, but I typically would eat any fish fillet.

Fish is easy to make and usually very fast cooking.  What holds people back from incorporating more seafood into their diet is the cost.  Seafood is expensive, that’s true.  But, lately, I have seen more and more local grocery stores run sales on various types of seafood, which makes it more affordable for everyone.  

I will give you some good options for low cost seafood meals that are delicious.  Keep checking back as I add my favorites, and hopefully yours to the site. 


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