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PictureThis is a beautiful wreath outside my front door.  What and eye catcher!!  It is not only beautiful, but so simple to make.  This is a craft that will take you an hour to complete.  


1 straw wreath
Floral picks in different sizes and colors
Coordinating ribbon
Floral Pins



Cover the straw wreath with ribbon.  Use a floral push pin to secure the ends into the wreath.  
Start with the inside and work out with the floral picks.  I used a small flower to go around the middle part of the straw wreath, then I used carnations for the middle, then smaller airy flower around the largest part of the wreath.  **Straw wreaths come in many sizes.  You will need the amount of flowers to cover your wreath.  I used a 10″ wreath here and I used approximately 10 small flowers, 15 carnations and 40 smaller airy flowers around the largest part.
Use the scissors to poke holes through the ribbon so you can push the flowers into the wreath.  
Regardless of what type of flowers you use, you will need to cover the entire wreath.  Once it is covered you can add a large or small bow.  I have a small one here because the wreath is so colorful.  If you are using only one type of flower, you will need a more colorful and a larger bow.  


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