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Gift Wrapping1

Every year for Christmas, I try to wrap my presents in a different, unique but easy way.  I always do them all in the same paper with the same ribbons and bows, so everyone knows which gift is from me.  I have been doing this for quite a while and I still find it lots of fun to decide how i am going to wrap each year.  

Over the years, i have done the typical red paper with white or white and red ribbons and bows, plaid, blue snowflake and one year I was not able to wrap much do to an operation, so I got different size white garbage bags and put everything in them.  I thought that would be a great idea, but as it turned out, you could see the gift through the bag, so I had to wrap everything in white tissue paper first then put it in the bags.  What was supposed to be easy, turned out to be double the work.  

These are a few of the ideas that I am kicking around for this year.  They were all pretty easy and done with easy and inexpensive supplies.  No bows and no ribbon, all handmade and gorgeous.  


Gift wrapping - Snowflake

This one is so simple, and looks great.  I got a roll of light blue paper from the dollar store, then a roll of tulle from the craft store.  I used the tulle as the ribbon, then purchased a package of foam snowflakes and put them on.  As it turned out, it is the colors from the movie Frozen that all the little girls love.  

Gift Wrapping - Tree

This is so easy.  Get the kids involved and have them make the trees for you.  What I used here is a half sheet of green construction paper for the tree.  Fold the paper in small pleats, then staple or tape one side together.  The bottom fans out to make the tree.  The bottom is made with a circle punch and brown card stock paper (it could have also been construction paper) and the top is three small pompoms with sparkles in them.  You could have used one big pompom, but I didn’t have that at home.  The paper is simple brown mailing paper.  This is a very inexpensive way to wrap your gifts.  You can do them all with the brown paper, then vary the color and size of the trees to match the size of your packages.  

Snowmen are so festive.  They always make me smile.  This was done with solid blue paper from the dollar store.  I used a craft punch to make the body of the snowmen, then scraps of crafts for the hat and scarf.  I used a smaller punch to make the buttons on the body.  For the falling snow, I used a pencil with an eraser and dabbed the eraser into a white ink pad, then stamped the box.  

Gift Wrapping - Snowmen

Gift Wrapping - Tissue paper

For this one, dollar store silver paper, then I folded a piece of printed tissue paper over the box then I made a silver tissue paper bow.  This one is a little more delicate because the tissue paper will tear easily, but it looks great. 

For this one, I used all things I had laying around from other projects.  Red solid paper to start.  I measured a piece of burlap to fit around the entire package.  Then, I took a piece of brown felt that I had left over and a red button.  I used a needle and thread to sew the button through the felt and the burlap.  Once that was secure, I secured the burlap onto the box and looped the tag, the glittered apple and the burlap edging under the button.  The last thing that I did was stencil the word ‘joy’ on the tag.  This one really came out cute. 

Gift Wrapping - Burlap

Gift Wrapping - Circle Tree

I love this tree.  Dollar store white paper, then green and red card stock. (construction paper would also work fine).  I used a craft punch to make the perfect circles.  I put pompoms in the middle of the circles, but it looked fine without them.  The ‘gifts’ under the tree are the to and from cards for the gift.  Adorable!!!

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