Fall Gardening

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Fall Front Door

The Fall is definitely upon us.  The temperatures have dropped and everywhere you look, there are advertisements for anything and everything pumpkin flavored.  One of my favorite things this time of year is a good pumpkin latte.  I’ve tried them from Starbucks, 7-11, Dunkin Donuts even McDonalds and they are all fabulous.  Hot, rich pumpkin flavor, sweet and satisfying.  Yum!!  



I went the the nursery this week to buy my Fall decorations.  I choose some mums open and others that are completely closed.  I like having the mums bloom at different times.  It’s great looking outside and see the new colors in the garden.  Hopefully, they will all still be blooming on Thanksgiving.


My raised gardens are all cleaned out and just resting until next year.  I didn’t plant any Fall vegetables this year.  Somehow the time got away from me and I before I knew it, it was to late to plant.

Fall Empty Gardens

My knock-out roses are still in bloom.  These things are amazing.  They really do bloom Spring, Summer and Fall.  I don’t have to do much to them and they keep blooming and growing.  When I planted these roses, two years ago, they were no more than 12 inches tall.  With minimal feeding and pruning, they are now 4 feet. I love them!!!

Fall Pink Roses

Fall Table & Chairs

Fall Pool Cover

Fall Welcome

In my back yard, I’m still holding on to the Summer plants.  I’m so glad to see some of the flowers still in bloom.  The begonias look good and in the back there are hydrangea flowers that are beautiful.   The ‘Welcome’ mum is in on the walkway leading to my front door.  You can see all the leaves that have fallen from my rhododendron nearby.  But let’s not get into raking leaves now, that can wait.  Oh yes, the pool cover.  It is all covered for the winter.  We usually open it up by Memorial Day and close it right after Labor Day.  We have a short swimming season here in the northeast, but we tend to take full advantage of it while it’s here.







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My Garden

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My flower gardens really flourished this year.  Everything is in full bloom and gorgeous.  
The butterfly bushes are attracting the most beautiful butterflies.  This one comes back to visit with us every year.  My granddaughter Angelina loves the butterflies as much as I do.  Every time she sees this guy she tries to have him sit on her hand.  Once in a while he indulges her.  

As far as my vegetable garden goes, I didn’t get the outcome that I expected.  My herbs did fantastic.  I have plenty of herbs to cook with as well as freeze, which is great for me.

My strawberries were also very good.  I don’t have the harvest that I would like,
but it doubled from last year, so I am thinking it will continue on that
My tomato plants gave me plenty of tomatoes, but something infected the plants and the leaves are not healthy.  As a matter of fact, they look like they are definitely dying.  Ugh.  Thankfully, this happened after the tomatoes all sprouted, so they did grow to size and ripen.  I still have lots of green ones on the plants, and it looks like they will ripen like all the rest.  They are delicious.  My husband and I have enjoyed several tomato salads and used them for our sandwiches.  Deeelish!!


Take a look at this hydrangea plant.  this is the lacecap variety.  I planted this 3 years ago.  It was about 2 feet tall when I put it in and now it is almost 6 feet tall.  The flowers last all summer.  Everyone that comes in my yard comments on this plant.


Begonias are one of those staple summer plants. They always look great regardless of what color I plant.  They don’t require every day watering.  Which is great!!!  Sun, Shade…it doesn’t matter.  This is the perfect plant for me.


Tomato Plant – May


Tomato Plant – July

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