Wood Christmas Trees

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These are a great craft for Christmas.  They are easy and only take a minimal amount of time to make.  You can customize them to match any decor.  If your style is rustic, modern, victorian, glittery or distressed these are the perfect Christmas decoration for you. 



Mod Podge

Craft paint to match your choice of scrapbook paper

Paint Brushes

Scrapbook Paper


Sand Paper



I picked up this wood from my local Home Depot.  I cut some 12, 10, 8, 6 and 4 inch trees

After they were cut, I sanded any rough edges

Then, they were painted to match the scrapbook paper that I picked up at Michaels




This is the Scrapbook paper that I choose.  The paper is all coordinating, but I did mix up the textures.  Some of the paper is flat, some is sparkly and one has bright sequins on it. 

I mixed it up the different textures of the paper because I wanted to only use the paper and not put other embellishments on the trees. 

This is where you can really customize the trees.  Leave them just painted or embellish them to match your style.  Sequins, pearls, stencils.  It’s all up to you at this point.   I wanted to keep it simple and let the paper do all the work. 


Trace each tree on the paper.  Cut out 1/8 inch smaller than the tree on all sides.

Using a foam or paint brush, glue the paper to the tree with ModPodge.

Leave them with just the paper or add embellishments.


I put the trees on my mantle with white lights in front of them so they reflect off the paper.  They look gorgeous. 

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