Game Day Menu Cheat Sheet

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This time of year there is so much going on.  With the start of the football season, the end of the baseball season and the start of the hockey season , it seems as though every weekend there’s another get together to watch the big game.

Well, luckily for you, I have just what you need to host the next party.  A Menu Cheat Sheet.  One piece of paper to have all the crowd pleasing recipes you’ll need.  

Chili, Loaded Potatoes, Stromboli, Baked Chips, Pasta Salad and Potted Pepperoni are all delicious and easy to make.  

When you make and serve the potted pepperoni, you’ll wonder why you haven’t seen this recipe before this.  It is truly amazing.  If you like pepperoni, you are going to love this dish.  Even if there isn’t a game on, give this one a try. Yum!!!

The baked chips and loaded potatoes are amazing with melted cheese and bacon on top.  It’s hard to beat these snacks.

A big pot of chili is a staple at every game.  Its awesome that you can prepare it ahead of time, put it in the slow cooker on the buffet table and let everyone help themselves.  Don’t forget to put some sour cream, onions and cheddar cheese to top it off. 



Cheat Sheet – PDF – Click here to print


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