Wine Glass Votive

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Wine glass votive pumpkin1

Wine glass votive

These are so cute and easy.  You can interchange the bottom to give your table a different look during the season.  Mix and match them on the table, they’ll look great.


Wine Glass
Orange Paint

Black Paint
2 Paint Brushes
Gold Paint Pen

Waterproof Adhesive
Black Felt – 1 Rectangle
Orange Felt – 1 Rectangle
Orange thread and needle
Black Adhesive back Felt

Small Orange Ribbon
Small Black Ribbon
Glue Gun


1. Glue the votive to the wine glass.  Let glue set.

2.  Paint the votive with the orange paint.  It will take 2 coats. Let dry.
3.  Dot the black paint over the orange paint.  Let dry.
4.  Put a rim around the top of the votive with the gold paint pen.

Wine glass votif Inst1

Wine glass votif inst2

Wine glass votif inst4

4. Cut a piece of orange ribbon approximately 4x the size around where the votive meets the wine glass.
5.  Stitch 1/4 from the edge using a large basting stitch leaving long ends of thread at both ends.
6.  Pull the thread so the ribbon starts to gather together and forms a ring.
7. Put the ribbon on the glass and tie the threads together tightly.  Trim close to the knot.

Wine glass votif inst5

Wine glass votif inst7

Wine glass votif inst8

Wine glass votif inst9

11.  Cover the stem of the glass with black adhesive back felt.
12.  Cut out a piece of felt (without adhesive back) to make a full skirt on the bottom.
13.  With the end of a needle nose scissor, make small slits approximately 1/2 inch down and lace a small piece of ribbon through the slits.
14.  Pull the ribbon tightly around the bottom edge of the stem, covering the entire wine glass.
15.  If you are making the black skirt, hot glue flowers or other embellishments on the skirt.  If you are making the jack-o-lantern, cut out small ovals from the black felt with adhesive and a mouth an glue to the orange skirt.  

Wine glass votif stem

Wine glass votif felt seam

Wine glass votif skirt

Wine glass votive

Wine glass votive pumpkin1

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Double Terra Cotta Pots

Triple mini clay pots

This is very easy and quick to make. I use these all through the Fall throughout the house.  I keep flowers in some and candles in others.  They are small enough that they can fit on any shelf, or as a grouping on the table.


2 Terra Cotta Pots – 2 ½ inches
3 Craft Paint – Base color, Accent color and Gold Overlay
Paint Brush
Pipe Cleaner – Color to match your paint
Artificial Leaf and nut
Floral Pic
Styrofoam Ball – to fit in the terra cotta pot
Water resistant, epoxy glue 
Ribbon, Raffia or Twine
Hot Glue gun


Instructions First Side
1.     Glue the terra cotta pots together and let the glue dry completely.  
2.     Paint both the pots the base color.  Let dry
3.     Paint the rim of the pots an alternating color.  Let dry
4.     With a rag, rub the gold paint over both pots.  
5.     Using the clean end of the rag, wipe off most of the gold paint, leaving on a small amount so it is just accenting the piece.
6.     Hot glue the nut to the leaf and then both to the center of the pipe cleaner.  Twist the pipe cleaner around the middle of the pots.  Cut the ends close and push into the pipe cleaner. 
7.     Cut the bottom of the Styrofoam ball to fit into one side of the terra cotta pot.  Cut it so it lays flat in the pot, and does not show above the rim.
8.     Hot glue the Styrofoam ball to the inside of the terra cotta pot.  Let set.
9.  Hot glue some moss on the styrofoam to cover the entire ball.  Let set.  
10.  Insert floral pic in the Styrofoam.  (You may have to cut the stem if the pic does not sit at the top of the pot. 




Instructions Second Side
1.     Take out the floral pick and turn the terra cotta pot over
2.     Insert a candle in the empty terra cotta pot, making sure the candle is secure.
3.     Surround the candle with either small rocks or rice, then, cover them with moss.
4.     Optional:  Take the pipe cleaner off the pot and tie a ribbon, raffia or twine around the middle of the pots.  You can embellish with a fresh herb clippings.

Double Terra Cotta Pot side

I forgot to take the picture before I painted the pots….sorry.

Double terra cotta pot leaf

Double terra cotta pot leaf back

Double Terra Cotta pot Styrofoam

Dougle terra cotta pot standing

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Fall Wreath

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It doesn’t get any easier than this wreath.  This will take you no longer than an hour to create and you can enjoy it all season long. 



Straw Wreath
Wire rimmed ribbon

Hot Glue Gun



1.  Wrap the ribbon around the entire wreath. Fold the end over and hot glue to secure.
2.  Tie a bow the the ribbon and attach at the top of the wreath with hot glue.
3. Embellishments.  On this wreath, I used fall leaves and scarecrow pics that you can get at the craft store.  

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Halloween Tray

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Boo Tray

This tray is so simple and easy.  For this one, I used scrapbooking paper but I have used napkins, paper towels, wrapping paper and cut out pictures to decoupage onto the tray.  You can use them to serve, or stand them on a shelf to display.  They also make great gifts if you are headed to a party.



Wood Tray
Mod Podge
Paint Brush
Paper – solid, print or pictures.
Embellishments – Optional

Boo tray supplies

1  Paint the tray a color that will coordinate with the pictures or paper that you are going to decoupage on.  Let the tray dry completely.
**If the paint is not completely dry, when you apply the Mod Podge, it will smear the paint on your picture.
2.  Lay out the pictures so you know exactly where you want everything before you glue them down.  On my tray, I put pictures on the bottom, then I cut them in small pieces for the top side.  
3.  Once you have decided on your layout, Mod Podge your pictures onto the tray.  The Mod Podge will dry clear.  Let Dry
4.  If you are using pictures only, you can now put a full coat of Mod Podge on your tray and let it dry.  You are finished.
5.  If you are using a coordinating paint to embellish your tray, now’s the time to paint.  When the paint is completely dry, Mod Podge over the entire piece.  Let Dry. 

Boo tray inst1

Boo Tray inst2

Boo Tray

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Halloween Mug

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Halloween Mug1

These Halloween mugs are such fun to make.  Get the whole family involved and have everyone make their own.



White Mug

Craft Paint – Black and Orange

Round sponge stampers – 3 sizes

Baking Sheet

Halloween Mug Supplies

Halloween Mug3

Halloween Mug4

Halloween Mug2

1.   Wash and dry mug.
2.   ***Do not put the paint where you will drink.  You should only put paint ½ – ¾ to the top of the mug. 

3.   Using the round sponge stampers, start creating your design.  Make sure that each layer of paint is completely dry before you put on another layer of paint. I put 3 layers on the mug shown.  Be creative.  You can also use a brush to add more detail to the mug.

4.  I used the end of the smaller round stamper to make the circles on the handle

Curing the Mug
1.   Place your mug on a sheet pan and place it in the oven.
2.   Put the oven on 350º and let the mug stay in the oven while it heats to 350º.
3.   Once the mug has reached 350º, put your time on for 10 minutes.
4.   Once the 10 minutes is up, turn off the oven, but LEAVE THE MUG IN THE OVEN.
5.   The mug has to stay in the oven during the preheating and the cool down stage of the oven. 



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