Bathroom Project – Continued

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Bathroom finish

Well the bathroom is 90% finished.  In the last post, I showed you that the floor was installed and I love it.  After that we looked at the medicine cabinet and decided that it had to go.  Take a look.

Bathroom Mirror old

Bathroom mirror old2

I did love having all this space in the medicine cabinet, and the 3 mirrors, but this is definitely a 70’s throwback.  It really didn’t fit in at all with the new plans.  So, down it came and we replaced it with a gorgeous new one.

Bathroom Mirror new

Isn’t this amazing!!!   I was walking through my local HomeGoods and found this mirror.  They had a huge selection of mirrors, but this one was the only one with a raised frame.  All the others had frames that looked like picture frames. Although they’re nice, this one was a standout.  I found it on a stand in the middle of some other things, not even with the other mirrors.    


Now for the shower curtain.  As you can see, it’s a little unusual.  I did try some standard shower curtains, but they seemed to look boring to me and I wanted something that would catch your eye as soon as you looked into the bathroom.  Of course, I wasn’t able to find what I had thought of, so I did have to sew these.

Bathrrom Finish2




So, what I ended up doing was getting a set of burlap panels and a set of lace panels and sewing them together.  The burlap ones have large rings on the top so they slide easily through the shower bar so you can just push the entire curtain aside when you want to use the shower.  I sewed the lace pair on the top to hide the curtain rod.  Then, I put burlap ties in the middle.  They are so different and unique, I love them. 



As far as the window goes, it is small and I didn’t want to cover it up.  I wanted as much natural light to come in the room as possible.  Before, I had a dark window covering on the window and it was really dark in the room.  My grandkids would go in there to check to see if their pajamas really did glow in the dark.  Now, thats a dark room.  

So I ended up just with a simple lace valance and some succulents.  It is perfect. 

Bathroom Window

Bathroom Window finish

Bathroom plants

The accessories were next.  I wanted these rustic and simple.  The piece of wood is actually a serving tray that I found at Pier1 and the lotion and soap dispensers I picked up at Target.  I made the signs on each of them from supplies that I picked up at the craft store.  So simple, but beautiful.  

Bathrrom accessoriesSo, there is is.  Color coordinated towels and all.  I still have to replace the knobs on the vanity, which I will pick up this week.  I love projects like this that come together fast and easy.  I had an idea of what I wanted and was able to find, or make everything to make the bathroom look exactly as I pictured it.  And best of all, it only took 2 weeks to complete. 


Bathroom finish

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