Stocking the Freezer

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Stocking the Freezer

Things at my house get a little crazy sometimes.  I work somewhat of a normal Monday through Friday schedule, although it’s not 9-5, I work 2:30 to 11pm.  My husband owns a Car Service, so he is in and out at different times every day.   What I found to be really helpful, is to fill the freezer with delicious food that we can take out and heat up in a few minutes.  

This time, I made beef stew, chicken soup, pasta with almonds, tomato and white bean soup and chili.  I froze 4 servings of each in individual freezer containers.  I did a little more of the chili because you can use it on so many things, I always like to keep it in the freezer.  

All of these foods freeze very well.  I defrost them in the microwave, then transfer them to a pot and slow simmer until they are completely warm.

Last weekend, we had quite a snowfall here in the northeast.  At my house, we had somewhere around 24″.  We were snowed in all day Saturday, leaving us nothing else to do but lay on the couch and watch movies.  It was great not having to cook, but just go into the freezer and pick out whatever we wanted.

Give it a try, I guarantee you will be glad you did.

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