Halloween Tray

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Boo Tray

This tray is so simple and easy.  For this one, I used scrapbooking paper but I have used napkins, paper towels, wrapping paper and cut out pictures to decoupage onto the tray.  You can use them to serve, or stand them on a shelf to display.  They also make great gifts if you are headed to a party.



Wood Tray
Mod Podge
Paint Brush
Paper – solid, print or pictures.
Embellishments – Optional

Boo tray supplies

1  Paint the tray a color that will coordinate with the pictures or paper that you are going to decoupage on.  Let the tray dry completely.
**If the paint is not completely dry, when you apply the Mod Podge, it will smear the paint on your picture.
2.  Lay out the pictures so you know exactly where you want everything before you glue them down.  On my tray, I put pictures on the bottom, then I cut them in small pieces for the top side.  
3.  Once you have decided on your layout, Mod Podge your pictures onto the tray.  The Mod Podge will dry clear.  Let Dry
4.  If you are using pictures only, you can now put a full coat of Mod Podge on your tray and let it dry.  You are finished.
5.  If you are using a coordinating paint to embellish your tray, now’s the time to paint.  When the paint is completely dry, Mod Podge over the entire piece.  Let Dry. 

Boo tray inst1

Boo Tray inst2

Boo Tray

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