Chicken Cutlet with Mozzarella, Red Pepper and Pesto

Chicken Cutlet, Mozz, Pesto, Red Pepper 1

I had this at a catered event and just fell in love with it.  The combination of pesto, fresh mozzarella and chicken cutlet is out of this world.  
2  Slices Rye Bread or a Hard Roll
1 Fried Chicken Cutlet
1 Jar Pesto
2 Roasted Red Peppers
4 Slices Fresh Mozzarella
If you are using Rye bread, lightly toast both pieces.  Lay both slices of bread on the work surface.  Spread pesto on both pieces.  Top one piece with 2 slices of fresh mozzarella, 1 roasted red pepper and a chicken cutlet.  Top the chicken cutlet with the second slice of bread, pesto side down.

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