Wine Glass Votive

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Wine glass votive pumpkin1

Wine glass votive

These are so cute and easy.  You can interchange the bottom to give your table a different look during the season.  Mix and match them on the table, they’ll look great.


Wine Glass
Orange Paint

Black Paint
2 Paint Brushes
Gold Paint Pen

Waterproof Adhesive
Black Felt – 1 Rectangle
Orange Felt – 1 Rectangle
Orange thread and needle
Black Adhesive back Felt

Small Orange Ribbon
Small Black Ribbon
Glue Gun


1. Glue the votive to the wine glass.  Let glue set.

2.  Paint the votive with the orange paint.  It will take 2 coats. Let dry.
3.  Dot the black paint over the orange paint.  Let dry.
4.  Put a rim around the top of the votive with the gold paint pen.

Wine glass votif Inst1

Wine glass votif inst2

Wine glass votif inst4

4. Cut a piece of orange ribbon approximately 4x the size around where the votive meets the wine glass.
5.  Stitch 1/4 from the edge using a large basting stitch leaving long ends of thread at both ends.
6.  Pull the thread so the ribbon starts to gather together and forms a ring.
7. Put the ribbon on the glass and tie the threads together tightly.  Trim close to the knot.

Wine glass votif inst5

Wine glass votif inst7

Wine glass votif inst8

Wine glass votif inst9

11.  Cover the stem of the glass with black adhesive back felt.
12.  Cut out a piece of felt (without adhesive back) to make a full skirt on the bottom.
13.  With the end of a needle nose scissor, make small slits approximately 1/2 inch down and lace a small piece of ribbon through the slits.
14.  Pull the ribbon tightly around the bottom edge of the stem, covering the entire wine glass.
15.  If you are making the black skirt, hot glue flowers or other embellishments on the skirt.  If you are making the jack-o-lantern, cut out small ovals from the black felt with adhesive and a mouth an glue to the orange skirt.  

Wine glass votif stem

Wine glass votif felt seam

Wine glass votif skirt

Wine glass votive

Wine glass votive pumpkin1

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