Winter Gardening

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Here in the Northeast, we have had a very mild December.  Mild to the point where there is new growth on my butterfly bushes and knockout roses.  I love the warmer weather, but I’m not sure the plants know what’s going on.  We’ll see in the spring.  

As for my herbs, they are still going strong. The temperatures are going to drop down to freezing in the next few days, so I decided to bring in the parsley and rosemary that was still going strong in the garden indoors.  The rosemary is so fragrant, it makes the entire room smell amazing. 

In between seasons is somewhat of a down time for the garden.  I spent time outside getting the Garden Pole and the Butterfly house inside.  I didn’t have to do it until now because we have been lucky enough to have temperatures in the 60’s for most of December.  We had a few days that actually hit 70º, which is very unusual for New York.  

So, with the holidays finished and all put away, I did a little outside clean up, filled the bird feeders and put out the suet for the birds enjoying every minute of it.  

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