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Valentine Heart FinishWhat a simple picture.  You can change the colors to go with any color scheme, or just make it red and white and display it around Valentine’s Day.  Simple and easy, it doesn’t get better than that.



Picture Frame – I got this one for $1 at Michaels

White Craft Paint

Red Craft Paint

2 Paint Brushes

15 Wood Hearts

Bakers Twine

Black Card Stock

Craft Glue



  1.  Paint the frame white.  Let dry completely
  2.  Cut 2 pieces of black card stock to fit the opening in the front and back of the frame.  Put in the frame.
  3.  Paint 12 hearts white and 3 hearts red.  Let dry completely
  4.  Wrap 3 strands of butchers twine around the top of the frame.  Tie in the back of the f  frame
  5.  Wrap 3 strands of butchers twine around the left side of the frame.  Tie in the back of  the frame.
  6.  Place a piece of butchers twine in the left corner of the frame underneath the rows of  butchers twine that was wrapped around both sides.  Make a bow around the twine  that was wrapped around each side of the frame.
  7. Glue the hearts in place.  Let the glue dry


Valentine Heart Back

Valentine Heart Bow


There is lots of variation to this project.  Here are some options

Heart Variations

Wood Hearts

Paper Punch Hearts




Butcher’s Twine Varations

Butchers Twine




Thin gauge wire

Valentine Heart Finish


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