Cookie Exchange 2015

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Cookie Exchange

Its cookie exchange time and I am so excited.   We started our cookie swap about 7 years ago and every year I enjoy it more.  The first couple of years were a bit of a challenge, setting aside enough time to bake, cool and package 15 dozen or so cookies.  And then there was estimating the amount of ingredients I needed.  I thought I bought enough of everything, but had to run back to the store several times midstream. 

There was one or two batches that I left in the oven to long and had to throw away.  The first year, I was up through the night baking the perfect cookies.  When we got together, I heard similar stories from almost everyone, it was great!!!!

So now that I am more experienced, I do some trial runs with cookies to see which one I would be the perfect cookie for the year.  I change it up every year and try not to repeat any cookies.  Some people make the same cookie every year, and everyone looks forward to it.  I have made biscotti, coconut macaroons, sugar mint cookies, no bake cookies, pecan sandies, filled sugar cookie cups and a few more that I can’t remember.  They were all good.  My favorite is the biscotti.

For our exchange, we have everyone announce the type of cookie that they are going to bring ahead of time to make sure we don’t have any duplicates.  Then, everyone brings one dozen cookies for each person, plus one dozen to eat at the party.  The packaging is also important.  You should bring your cookies in a festive bag or plastic container.  We have had all sorts of different packaging.  Some people also include the recipe with the cookies.

I serve wine and coffee and finger foods and the ladies enjoy a few hours together in the middle of the holiday shopping season.  It’s the best.

Cookie Exchange

So, now its time to start baking.  I will post one cookie each day until the end of the month.  They will all be delicious and easy to make.  

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