Dining Room Table

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Dining Room Table - Complete1

I love the way this looks.  The basics are in the middle with the flower arrangement and the burlap wrapped cylinder candle holders, but the bud vases on the ends will change as the flowers in my garden change.  I love bringing the outside in. These clippings are from my knock-out roses.  

The base of the flower arrangement is the base that I got from my niece’s wedding.  It had beautiful fresh flowers in it for the wedding.  At the wedding, we played the game of passing a dollar around the table.  When the music stopped, the person with the dollar had to stand on a chair and dance.  After I stood on a chair and danced thinking I was going to win the centerpiece, it ended up being the person who gave you the dollar that won the arrangement. Luckily, it was my husband.

The dried flowers that are in it now are from an outdated arrangement that I had on my dining room table for 5 years.  This is only half the dried flowers, so you can imagine how big it was.  The other half, I put in my bedroom in a vase. Talk about repurpose!!!  The size and colors are perfect on this table.

The cylinder candle holders were very inexpensive.  I picked them up years ago from a discount store. For years, I have been filling them with different colored decorations at various holidays.  Red and green for Christmas, orange and black for Halloween. 

What I did here was hot glue a piece of burlap around them, tucking in the end. Then tying a few strands of raffia around the middle.  You could use any kind of wire or ribbon if you don’t have the raffia.  

The bud vases are also very inexpensive.  If you don’t have actual vases, use what you have.  4 drink glasses or mason jars or cleaned out cans would look perfect.   Tie on a pretty bow and fill it with whatever you have in your yard.  Flowers, herbs or just greenery would look great.  Change it up as the months move along. 

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