Ghost Windsock

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Ghost Windsock

This is a great craft to make with kids.  If you are a Girl or Boy Scout Leader, this is a craft that everyone would like to make. I taught a class of kids ranging in age from kindergarten through fourth grade and they all loved making it and displaying it at their homes. This takes less than an hour to make and it is very economical.




One sheet of white, adhesive backed foam (81/2 x 11)

2 Tall white kitchen garbage bags cut into strips

1 Black sheet of adhesive backed felt





Hole Puncher



Ghost WS1

Ghost WS2

Punch 9 holes in the lower edge of the white craft foam.  Holding the edges together, staple the long sides together. Punch one more hole in the lower edge where you stapled it to have the holes all along the bottom edge.  10 holes total.

Ghost WS6

Ghost WS3

With the black adhesive backed felt, cut out eyes and a mouth and stick them onto the windsock.  Cut the top and sides off the tall kitchen garbage bags. Don’t cut through the bottom. Cut each bag into 8 strips.  You will only be using 11 of them.


Ghost WS4

Ghost WS5

Ghost WS5:1

Open 10 strips of the plastic bag and pull the middle through each hole making a loop.  Then, take the ends an pull them through the loop.  Pull them tight so they lay flat on the windsock.  Continue through all 10 holes so there is a strip in each hole.

Ghost WS7

Ghost WS8

Ghost WS9

At the top end of the windsock, punch 2 holes.  One on each side so the face is directly in front.  Using one strip from the garbage bag, put one end in each hole and pull it through.  Tie the ends together and pull the bag so the knot is inside the windsock, flush with the side.

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