Peep Flower

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Peep FlowersThese are so cute.  I made them with my grandchildren a few years back and we had so much fun.  They are bright and colorful.  You can get peeps in so many colors and shapes with the Easter grass to match.  What a great sight on your Easter table.




Paper Plates 

Easter Grass

Dowel – 12 inches long

Hot Glue Gun




Lay one plate on a flat surface.  Glue the dowel on the plate, leaving 1 inch from the top.  There should be approximately 6-7 inches of the dowel free to put in a flower pot or vase.   Put the second paper plate exactly over the first one and glue it to the dowel.  Staple both plates together around the edges so the plates don’t move at all.  

Using a hot glue gun, glue the grass on both plates, covering the entire plate.  Glue the peeps on both sides in between the grass.  Let the glue dry completely.

Display the peep flowers in a vase or flower pot.  You can vary the size of the plates to make different flowers.  This is a fun, easy craft for any age. 

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