Heart Candle Holder

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Valentine Candle BurningThis is so cute.  Put it on your table all month to keep the Valentine’s mood going.  It’s definitely heart warming.


Candle Holder

3 Heart Shaped Doilies similar in size to your candle holder

Red Tissue Paper

Mod Podge

Paint Brush


Valentine Candle Supplies





Valentine Candle Heart

Cut out the center heart from all 3 doilies.  Cut out red tissue paper to sit inside the heart, allowing the scalloped edge to be left open.  Brush the Mod Podge all over the tissue heart and press it onto the doily heart.  Brush more Mod Podge over the entire back side of the hearts and press in place on the candle holder.  For this candle holder, I used 3 doilies and overlapped the edges of the hearts.  Depending on the size of your candle holder, you may need more or less doilies and tissue paper. 


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