Rock Spiders

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rock-spiderWho doesn’t love a good Halloween spider.  This one is easy to make and adorable.  They look great on my Halloween table.  They also make great toys for the kids to play with. 


My Grandchildren and I were at the beach and picked up a bunch of large white rocks.  I had something else in mind when I was collecting them, but this worked out perfectly.  

I made pretty simple spiders.  You could get much more elaborate with these and paint the spider’s body, but I preferred to just keep them black. 


Here’s how I made them:



Here’s what you will need.  Rocks, black paint, eyes, pipe cleaners and glue.  I thought I was going to use the hot glue gun, but it wouldn’t stick to the rocks.


This is the glue that I used to adhere the pipe cleaners to the rocks.  I don’t recommend letting children use this glue.  It is very strong and you have to be careful that it doesn’t get on everything.  I also used it to glue the eyes on the front of the spider.


I painted the rocks black.  I only painted the top and sides.  I left the bottom white.  I didn’t want to take the chance of having black paint get on my table. 


After I glued the pipe cleaners to the rocks, I pressed a piece of paper over the glue so there wouldn’t be a chance of glue getting on my table or anywhere else.  

 The only thing left to do was put the eyes on and shape the legs, and there you have it.  A quick, inexpensive spider.  The kids love these things.  They are big enough that they can take them outside, or just play on the floor inside.  

You could also use them as place cards for your party.  Paint your guest’s name on the body of the spider so they can take them home. What a great party favor!!


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