Witch Hat Vase

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This is one of the easiest crafts that I have ever done and it looks amazing on my front door.  This is one that you definitely have to try. 



Witch Hat – with decorations on top of the brim

Flowers – I used 2 bunches to fill the hat

2 Pipe Cleaners – Color to match the hat

Needle & Thread – I forgot to put in the picture

Rubber Band





If you are using 1 big bunch of flowers, you can skip this step.  If not, take both floral bunches and hold them together.  Work the stems together so they look like it is actually 1 arrangement.  Hold them together with a rubber band.  This will be at the bottom of the hat and will not be seen at all. 

Now comes the tricky part.  The hat.  You have to bring the back of the brim together in the back and sew it up.

Turn the hat upside down.  Take the two ends at the back of the brim and bring them together.  Use a stapler to hold them in place, then staple approximately 3 inches in all along the brim.

Here is the inside with both the ends of the brim stapled

From the outside of the hat, stitch the had with a needle and thread to hold it secure.  If you didn’t want to stitch together, you could use safety pins on the inside of the hat.  


Take the 2 pipe cleaners and twist them together.  Cut two holes in the had just below the brim and on either side of the seam you just sewed.   Put one end of the pipe cleaners in each hole, making sure that the ends are even inside the hat and the middle of the pipe cleaner is on the outside.  Make a loop on the outside of the hat with the pipe cleaners by twisting them together approximately 1 1/2 inches in from the center.  On the inside of the hat, twist the pipe cleaners together and lay flat down the hat top.

This is how the loop should look on the outside of the hat

This is the hook that I used on my front door to hang the hat.  I tried the typical wreath hanger, but the hat wanted to fall forward,  This one works great.


All you have to do now is hang it and put the flowers in.  If you have flowers that are to low, crumple up some newspaper and put it in the peak of the hat to keep the flowers a little bit higher.  And that’s it!!  Fabulous and easy.  This is a winner.





Halloween Centerpiece

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halloween-centerpieceIsn’t this adorable.  It was quick, easy and very kid friendly.  The base of this centerpiece is a flower pot that I spray painted with gold sparkle paint.  This pot is so versatile,  it will be on the Thanksgiving and Christmas table, looking completely different for each one.

Here is what I did:


I gathered some sticks from my yard.  Any will do.  No need to be fussy here.


Then, I put them into floral foam to hold them upright while i painted them.


I picked up this paint from the craft store.  I used flat black.


The next step was to spray every inch of them with black paint.  Make sure you get underneath and in all the little nooks and crannies.


Then, I cut the floral foam to fit into the flower pot


After the branches were dry, I put them into the flower foam.  Arrange them so they look somewhat balanced on all sides.


If your branches are as long as mine are, you want to make sure you are balancing them on all sides so the centerpiece doesn’t topple over.


The final touch was to put some moss on top to hide the floral foam.

The last thing was the decorations.  I went to my local dollar store, where everything is $1 and I picked up a bag of bugs and creepy things.  I used a needle and black thread to attach the bugs to the tree.  I put the needle through the bug and left a big loop of thread.  I tied a knot, then hung it on the branch.



If you don’t have a clay flower pot, a big can or bucket will do just fine.  If you don’t have the floral foam, use dirt from your garden.  If you are using dirt, you won’t need the moss.




Fall Decorating

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Fall Front Door

I love decorating for Fall both the inside and the outside of my house.  All the colors are earthy and decorations are rustic.  This is the front door to my house.  It is the perfect way to greet your guests with warm and inviting decorations to welcome them to your home.

Fall Big basket

This basket is one of those things that everyone comments on.  I have it filled with decorative pumpkins that I picked up at my local craft store along with scarecrow pics, raffia and pinecones.  I also threw in some small decorative gourds.  As far as the basket goes, I weaved different colors of ribbon in around the bottom, middle and top to brighten it up.  The basket alone is really nice, but I wanted to give it some more color on its own.  As you can see, the pumpkins are at different heights.  I have floral foam at the bottom of the basket in different lengths to stager the pumpkins.  Every year I re-make it.  It’s always a little different, but always gorgeous.  

This is so easy and it looks great.  This is a dollar store pumpkin that I took the handle off and hot glued some floral foam in the bottom.  Then, I went to the craft store and picked up 2 large fall bouquets and arranged them in the pumpkin.  It is as easy as that.  

Fall Pumpkin w:flowers

Dining Room Table

My dining room table has a runner with all those great Fall colors and three dryer vent pumpkins on it.  I have one orange and the others are off-white and black.  I also have the wine glass votives on the table in between the pumpkins.  All the  step by step instructions are in the Fall Craft section.

I made this tray years ago out of paper napkins.  This is decoupage. Basically you cut out pictures and glue them down.  For this one I used some Halloween napkins and cut the edges and the pumpkins out.  The decoupage medium works as a glue and a varnish.  I’ll put the instructions in the Fall Craft section. 

Fall Deco Tray

My husband picked up some Halloween decorations for the house.  His choice is slightly different from mine, but it wouldn’t be Halloween without a few spooky decorations.  The skeleton on the candy dish comes to life when you take candy from the bowl.  He says things like…”hands off my candy, I’m not in the sharing mood”.  And, his eyes light up like two red beams coming from his head.  It’s scary and very startling.  No matter how many times I heard it, and of course I know it will go on, I still jump as though it is the first time I saw it.  My grandchildren laugh every time I jump. They range in age from 3 to 13 and they all play with the candy dish.   I’m sure everyone has a crow with an eyeball hanging out of its mouth adorning their homes, don’t they???  He also makes a crowing sound when prompted.  I can’t leave out the owl.  This one also makes a sound, but it in no way resembles an owl.  It’s just weird.

Halloween candy dish

Halloween Crow

Halloween Owl