Christmas Decorating

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Christmas Snowmen

I like to keep the Christmas decorating as easy as possible.  It helps me be able to keep everything looking good and it make the house feel warm and comfortable.  These 2 snowmen were given to me as a gift about 10 years ago.  They are not expensive, but when I look at their faces, it always puts a smile on my face and the faces of everyone who looks at them.  I know this because of all the comments I get about them.


Christmas Tree 2015




My tree is very traditional.  I have been collecting ornaments since the first year I was married.  As the family grew and changed, I got ornaments to detail every event.  Sports teams, animals, hobbies, you name it, we have it.  Now when my children come over, they point out all the ornaments to their children and let them know why they’re on the tree.  The ornament that is talked about every year is my son’s picture in a tuna fish can that he made in preschool.  It’s great.  

Now, as you can imagine, I have pictures of all 6 of the grandkids.  i also have ornaments from quite a few of the places that I have visited.  Unpacking the ornaments and decorating the tree is so relaxing.  It makes you remember so many things in your life that you tend to put on the back burner when we get so busy. It’s truly amazing.


Christmas Stockings Left

A few years back, I made stockings for my immediate family.  I have everyone’s name on them and I put them up every year.  Two years ago, I had a sleep-over with my 4 oldest grand children and we made salt dough ornaments.  Every year when I put them up, they still tell everyone which one they made and who made all the rest.  It is great to see them so proud of what they created.



Christmas Stockings Right

Christmas Dining Table

This is my dining room table.  So simple and easy.  I just cut a piece of white burlap and frayed the edges, added some poinsettias in buckets with candles and large ornaments.  Nothing has to be moved when dinner is served and it always looks great. 




This is the right side of my mantle.  You can put so many different things on the mantle and it always looks great.  I have a rustic reindeer and angel with an angel nutcracker and bright holiday ornaments and it all fits together.  I tried to have a red theme going this year thats why you see so much red.

Christmas Mantle