Week of Chicken

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This is going to be great.  I’m calling this a Week of Chicken, but it ends up being 10 or more days.  

I thought about posting this because I have been on Weight Watchers for the past 3 years, and now with the new Freestyle program chicken breast is a ‘Free’ food.  Let me tell you, chicken breast can quickly become more boring than you can imagine.  I limit the fat in most of the recipes and add plenty of vegetables.  

I do prefer to make some of the dishes like Chicken Cacciatore and Chicken Scarpariello.  Chicken with potatoes and peas is an old family recipe from my Aunt Madeline that dates back 50 years. That is one of my favorites!!!

They’re all different and all delicious.  Best of all, they are quick to prepare.  

Stay with me and see where this Chicken journey takes us.  You’ll be glad you did. 

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