2017 Vegetable Garden

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It’s July and Summer is in full swing, so let me tell you about my vegetable garden this year.  So far, it is really looking good.  I used a new fertilizer this year and the results are outstanding.


I found this at my local Home Depot store.  I sprinkled it into the soil first, then mixed it around.  Then I put a little more underneath each plant as I planted the vegetables.  The plants all took off immediately.  Every day I see lots of new growth on everything.  It’s great!!

Here’s a look at the some of the vegetables I planted this year.


3 Different types of Lettuce


Green Peppers

Green Beans

I also planted green beans and peas which I harvested and froze.  I did that because we are getting ready to go on vacation and I didn’t want them to go bad before I got back.

I will keep everyone updated with the vegetable garden progress. 


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